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Trane Thermostat

A Trane thermostat offers a good value for the life span of the unit. Each model offers a list of features. Families keep their living space comfortable with a remote monitoring system, digital screens and energy efficient operation. Along with Trane thermostats, check out our inventory of wireless thermostats, White Rodgers digital thermostats, digital thermostats by Honeywell, and indoor digital thermometers.

Digital Thermostat Featured Editor's Picks

  • Trane THT1234 Trane THT1234

    Price: $57.95

  • Trane THT2276 Trane THT2276

    Price: $69.95

  • Trane THT0165 Trane THT0165

    Price: $74.95

  • Trane THT0680 Trane THT0680

    Price: $90.95

  • Trane THT0943 Trane THT0943

    Price: $102.95

  • Trane THT2451 Trane THT2451

    Price: $102.95

  • Trane THT0172 Trane THT0172

    Price: $117.95

  • Trane THT1403 Trane THT1403

    Price: $151.95

  • Trane THT2478 Trane THT2478

    Price: $227.95

  • Trane KIT9183 Trane KIT9183

    Price: $434.35

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